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5th Grade STAR Test Workshops

5th Grade Testing Specials


Spring is time for statewide proficiency testing so Mad Science has tailored a 3-pack series of fun, hands-on workshops specifically to address state benchmark requirements. Let us help your 5th graders tackle proficiency testing with entertaining and practical workshops that supplement your existing science curriculum. Interested? You should be!

We come directly to your classroom, on your schedule, bring all the equipment/supplies and engage your kids in a 60-minute hands-on entertaining and educational workshop. Kids take part in multiple activities that highlight and help to bring about a greater understanding of each subject.

3 exciting workshops focused on
5th grade science benchmarks


Each 3-pack of workshops is only $450.00 a savings of $147.00 from our regular price. No other discounts/coupons can be used with this
special pricing. If multiple classes would like to order the workshops and we can schedule them back to back, an additional 10% discount will apply to each package.

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NASA: Our Solar System

Set off on a voyage to discover the solar system! Explore our solar system and how gravity keeps each planet on path. Create craters and observe model meteors. Investigate the sun and distant stars and the galaxies they form.

Standards: 5a, 5b, 5c

Walloping Weather

Children conduct hands-on experiments to understand how and why weather occurs. They find out that seasons change as the Earth tilts toward and away from the sun. Children learn that air affects weather. They perform experiments to prove that air has mass and takes up space, and that pressure and currents can vary. After learning that water in the air affects the weather, children recreate the water cycle and mimic a rain cloud. They try out meteorology measurement tools and act like weather reporters as they talk about the cause and effects of severe weather.

Standards: 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c. 4d, 4e

Wacky Waves

Water is a remarkable substance. It covers more than three-fourths of the earth’s surface and no life on earth could survive without it. Yet besides its two other states (steam and ice), children know little of its other properties. This class breaks the ice and allows children to dip their toes in a wider study of this all-important molecule!  They will also learn about where the water they drink and bathe in comes from.

Standards: 3a, 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d , 4e

Body Basics

This workshop introduces students to the major systems of the human body and their basic functions. Through a hands-on approach students will explore how the digestive, skeletal, muscular and respiratory systems work.

Standards: 2b, 2c, 2d


Students will learn the mysteries of photosynthesis; how plants are able to convert energy from the sun into essential food and why most plants are green. In this fun & hands-on workshop, students will investigate the relationship between plants, the earth, and human life. While examining micro-slides, children will identify the major parts of a plant and how sugar, water and minerals are transported in a vascular plant. 

Standards: 2e, 2f


Get under your own skin as the Mad Scientist leads you on a journey into your body. Discover the micro world of cells. Unlock the DNA code. Cytoplasm? Mitochondria? Ribosome? What are they and what job do they do for you? You’ll have the answers when you leave with your own model cell.


Standards: 2a, 2g

Dry Ice Capades

Children will understand the concept of matter in its three states through visual and tactile experiences. They will learn both how and why matter changes between the different states and develop a good understanding of matter’s elementary physical principles. Children will be able to relate the concept of matter to their world. They will receive the Take-Home Thermocolor Cup and Home Lab to continue experimenting with the states of matter.

Standards: 1a, 1d, 1f, 1g

Chemical Counting in a Flash

Lean about elements and the periodic table. Play and watch salt stimulators. Dissect chemical equations while learning about fast and slow reactions. Compare and contrast the properties of different metals.

Standards: 1a, 1b, 1c, 1i

Matter of Fact

Take a closer look at the nuts and bolts of the universe! Construct delicious model molecules and build, touch and feel wacky-wild polymer molecules! Use science to achieve the Alchemist's dream, turning metal into gold! (Well, almost...) Take home a polymer that you make yourself.

Standards: 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e, 1g, 1h



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